Medibank OVHC Overseas Workers Health Cover

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* If you exceed free visits, you will receive 100% of Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) fee per visit. For eligible services provided by GPs who are not part of the network, you will receive 100% of the MBS.

Who is OVHC for?

Your working holiday or holiday visa in Australia may come with a requirement to hold OVHC.
Our cover is compliant for the following visas:

  • 482 (temporary skill shortage)
  • 485 (temporary graduate)
  • 457 (temporary work – skilled)
  • 403 (temporary work – international relations)
  • 408 (temporary activity)
  • 407 (training visa)
  • 476 (skilled – recognised graduate)
  • 590 (student guardian)
  • 489 (skilled regional)
  • 400 (temporary work short stay specialist)
  • 010 (bridging Visa A)
  • 020 (bridging Visa B)
  • 030 (bridging Visa C).


Instant confirmation after purchase.

Once you purchase OVHC you will immediately receive a Certificate of Insurance for your visa. You will need to provide proof of purchase of your OVHC when applying for your overseas working visa, extension or renewal application.

If you would like to discuss options, contact our team who will be happy to assist you. Call (+61) 2 8604 3537 (from overseas) or 1300 174 537 (within Australia) or email


Why is Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) important?

Overseas Working Visa Requirement

As most overseas visitors or workers are not eligible for Medicare (our publicly funded healthcare for residents and citizens), maintaining adequate health insurance is a requirement for a range of working visas. Overseas workers with visa condition 8501 must purchase and provide proof of adequate OVHC when applying for their visa.

Maintaining adequate OVHC is a mandatory condition

The Australian Government through the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) requires all holders of an overseas working visa to maintain adequate OVHC for the entire time they are in Australia until their visa expires.

Medical treatment can be expensive

Most overseas workers who come to Australia to work cannot access Medicare, our publicly funded healthcare system, which may lead to large out-of-pocket costs to pay if they require medical treatment. In most cases, hospital treatment will cost more than AU$1,000 per day. Depending on the type of cover you choose, your OVHC will keep you covered for some of the costs of medical treatment if you get sick or have an accident.


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