Medibank OVHC Overseas Workers Health Cover

What is OVHC Health Insurance and why it is required?

If you are an overseas student, then you are eligible for an OSHC. To be an overseas student, you have to be:

  • someone who holds a Student visa, or

Someone who:

  • is a student visa applicant, and
  • is a bridging visa holder, and
  • used to be a student visa holder right before being granted the bridging visa.

A spouse, de facto, child or step-child (who is unmarried and younger than 18 years) can get a policy cover, as long as the policy applies to that family plan (which would include multifamily policies and dual family with effect from 1 January 2012). If such a person ceases to be a Dependant for the purposes of OSHC, he or she will need to seek other health insurance options.


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