Medibank OVHC Overseas Workers Health Cover

Overseas health cover

Looking for health cover options as an overseas visitor or student?

For students

See our Overseas Student Health Cover options on the ahm OSHC website.

For visitors

We offer Overseas Visitors Cover through Medibank. For more information, visit

Not sure?

If you’re not sure what type of overseas cover you’re eligible for then its best to check the colour of your Medicare Card which indicates your eligibility for Medicare.

If you hold a Yellow (Reciprocal) Medicare Card, pictured below, or if you don’t have a Medicare Card at all, this can affect the benefits we can pay under the cover you’ve chosen. In some instances, the benefits set out in your cover won’t be able to be paid, and you may end up with very large out-of-pocket expenses to pay.


Please contact us so we can find the most appropriate cover for your circumstances.


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